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Item # 29263 Period Antique Allegorical Tapestry 4'0" H x 4'10" W
Buy Now 29263 Allegorical Tapestry 4-0 x 4-10
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29263 Allegorical Tapestry 4-0 x 4-10
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29263 Allegorical Tapestry 4-0 x 4-10
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29263 Allegorical Tapestry 4-0 x 4-10
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29263 Allegorical Tapestry 4-0 x 4-10
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Item Number: 29263
Name: Allegorical Tapestry
Size: 4' 0" H x 4' 10" W
(1.22m x 1.47m)
Origin: France
Size Category: Historical Tapestries
Horizontal Tapestries
Square Tapestries
Verdure Tapestries
Antiquity: Circa Late 19th Century
Period Antique
Primary Design: Directional
Sub-Design: Pictorial
Design Genre Allegorical Tapestry
Genre Tapestry
Historical Tapestry
Hunting Tapestry
Field Color:
Border Color:
Light Brown
Composition: Wool with silk inlay
Condition: Excellent
Subject: A king and his followers in a verdant setting

A French historical tapestry from the late 19th century, envisioning an allegorical scene in which a king and his vizier are met by two of their soldiers as they prepare for battle. Enclosed within an elegant ribbon-twist border. Wool with silk inlay.

Hanging: The tapestry comes ready for hanging, with linen backing and a strip of hook and loop tape at the top end, which can be connected to the opposite side of the supplied hook and loop tape, which could be tacked to your wall. For those who prefer the use of a tapestry rod, we can add the appropriate size loops to accommodate your needs. We now have a large selection of antique tapestry rods available as well, which we can provide detail upon request.

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