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Item # 31920 Vintage Persian Tabriz Rug 16'0" H x 3'4" W
31920 Tabriz 16-0 x 3-4
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31920 Tabriz 16-0 x 3-4
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31920 Tabriz 16-0 x 3-4
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31920 Tabriz 16-0 x 3-4
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31920 Tabriz 16-0 x 3-4
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31920 Tabriz 16-0 x 3-4
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Item Number: 31920
Name: Tabriz
Size: 16' 0" H x 3' 4" W
(4.88m x 1.02m)
Origin: Persia
Style: Persian: Floral
Size Category: Runners
Antiquity: Circa 1940
Primary Design: Allover
Sub-Design: Floral Elements
Design Genre City
Field Color:
Border Color:
Gray Brown
Composition: Wool
Condition: Excellent

Vintage Persian Tabriz  Oriental Carpet, circa 1940, Runner Sized

A vintage Persian Tabriz oriental carpet, circa 1940. Size: 16'0" x 3'4". This large sized vintage decorative rug was handwoven by master weavers in Iran, using high quality wool, with an extraordinarily Fine weave. The carpet is characterized by elegants floral elements on an inner bed of beige. The finely rendered floral motifs and the gray brown border is giving this master work an incredibly minute levels of detail, as well as a sweeping overall aesthetic. A masterpiece of design and execution. One of a kind. Excellent condition.

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