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Item # 24800 Period Antique Mythological Tapestry 12'0" H x 13'0" W
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Item Number: 24800
Name: Mythological Tapestry
Size: 12' 0" H x 13' 0" W
(3.66m x 3.96m)
Origin: Brussels
Size Category: Horizontal Tapestries
Square Tapestries
Vertical Tapestries
Antiquity: Circa 17th Century
Period Antique
Primary Design: Directional
Sub-Design: Pictorial
Design Genre Allegorical Tapestry
Genre Tapestry
Harvest Tapestry
Historical Tapestry
Mythological Tapestry
Field Color:
Border Color:
Composition: Wool with silk inlay
Condition: Excellent
Subject: Persephone's Return and the Harvest
Persian Gallery Notes: From the History of Ceres series of tapestries, woven by Marcus de Vos

A Baroque Brussels tapestry from the 17th century, signed by Marcus de Vos, depicting Proserpine (Persephone) reaching for a pomegranate, and on the right side a dragon, probably from the chariot of Ceres, within a dense landscape; a satyr watches from behind a tree; in the center distance three figures rowing a canoe to shore; on the right side Cerberus, a centaur, satyrs and various figures appear; enclosed within dense ribbon-tied fruit and floral borders; the lower selvage with the Brussels town mark and the weaver’s signature, ‘MARCVS.DE.VOS.’  Marcus de Vos, recorded as working in Brussels from 1655-1700.

This piece is from a series of Brussels tapestries depicting the History of Ceres, with this particular tapestry depicting Proserpine, daughter of Ceres, plucking a pomegranate from a tree.  According to the myth, Proserpine was abducted by Pluto, god of the underworld.  Ceres searched everywhere for her daughter and caused the earth to remain barren until Proserpine was returned to her.  Pluto finally allowed Proserpine to return to earth for four months of the year, during which time the earth blossomed again.

Wool with silk inlay and metallic thread highlights.  

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