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Item # 27418 Period Antique Historical Tapestry 9'7" H x 15'1" W
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Item Number: 27418
Name: Historical Tapestry
Size: 9' 7" H x 15' 1" W
(2.92m x 4.6m)
Origin: Flanders
Size Category: Horizontal Tapestries
Antiquity: Circa 17th Century
Period Antique
Primary Design: Directional
Sub-Design: Pictorial
Design Genre Allegorical Tapestry
Genre Tapestry
Historical Tapestry
Romantic Tapestry
Field Color:
Border Color:
Composition: Wool with silk inlay
Condition: Very Good
Subject: Antony & Cleopatra

An antique 17th Century Flemish historical tapestry, size 9'7"H x 15'1"W, envisioning the first meeting of Antony and Cleopatra, with Rome's Antony taken aback by the grandeur of Cleopatra's banquet, and in response, Cleopatra demonstrating her indifference to the trappings of wealth. Enclosed within a border of fruiting and flowering elements, with vases in the lower corners. Wool with silk inlay. Excellent condition.

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