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Item # 29690 Period Antique Mythological Tapestry 9'6" H x 9'10" W
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Item Number: 29690
Name: Mythological Tapestry
Size: 9' 6" H x 9' 10" W
(2.9m x 3m)
Origin: Brussels
Size Category: Horizontal Tapestries
Square Tapestries
Antiquity: Circa 18th Century
Period Antique
Primary Design: Pictorial
Sub-Design: Trompe L'Oeil
Design Genre Allegorical Tapestry
Genre Tapestry
Harvest Tapestry
Hunting Tapestry
Landscape Tapestry
Mythological Tapestry
Verdure Tapestry
Field Color:
Border Color:
Composition: Wool with silk inlay
Condition: Excellent
Subject: Diana invoking the change of the seasons

A Brussels mythological tapestry from the 18th century depicting the change of seasons, featuring the Roman goddess Diana, the deity of nature, fertility, young women, and animals, seated in a verdant field at center with a young girl at right and a lion at left, and her young vassal praying at a flame by her feet.  Diana and her suppliants are invoking the change of the seasons between Winter and Spring, with Winter being located in the bare trees of the background at upper right, the rains required for fertility in the middle distance behind Diana, and the new life and vegetation of Spring in the fresh bushes and trees in the foreground at left.  Enclosed within a trompe l’oeil frame border.  Wool with silk inlay.

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