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Item # 29729 Period Antique Historical Tapestry 11'10" H x 12'2" W
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Item Number: 29729
Name: Historical Tapestry
Size: 11' 10" H x 12' 2" W
(3.61m x 3.71m)
Origin: Brussels
Size Category: Horizontal Tapestries
Square Tapestries
Vertical Tapestries
Antiquity: Circa 17th Century
Period Antique
Primary Design: Pictorial
Sub-Design: Directional
Design Genre Allegorical Tapestry
Genre Tapestry
Historical Tapestry
Romantic Tapestry
Field Color:
Border Color:
Composition: Wool with silk inlay
Condition: Excellent
Subject: Suleiman marries Emperor Emmanuel's niece

A Brussels historical tapestry from the 17th century, depicting a scene from the epic of the legendary Mongol conqueror, Tamerlaine, victor over the Turkish Sultan Bajazet I, at Angora in 1402.  In the 17th century, the military might of the Ottoman empire was especially feared throughout Europe, thus the popularity of depictions of defeats of this Oriental foe, whose power was decisively broken following the raising of the siege of Vienna in 1683. 

In this episode, which commemorates the victory of Tamerlaine’s armies of the West over Sultan Bajazet I’s conquered forces of the East, Suleiman, Bajazet’s son, is wed to the niece of Emmanuel, Emperor of Constantinople.  For the 17th century viewer, it illustrated the triumph of a well-known earlier battle while celebrating the contemporary success of Western forces. 

Enclosed within a sumptuous border with vases filled with fruits and flowers, and interconnected by motifs of various birds and ribbon-ties.  Wool with silk inlay.

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